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Assuming that the air compressor is not equipped with a gas tank, can we use this compressed air?

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There is no gas tank, compressed air directly in the gas terminal, gas terminal with a little, air compressor compression point, repeated loading and unloading will cause a great burden on the air compressor, you can not air compressor tank What?
Basically can not use the gas tank, because there is no storage of compressed air containers, then the air compressor is basically open as long as it will stop. Stop and reload!

1. Why should air compressers be sure of the tank? The main reason is that the air compressor is rated power, there is a container to store compressed air, then you use gas in the process, the pressure in the container is less than the rated pressure of the air compressor, then the air compressor will work, and you Do not gas when the air compressor to reach the rated power when the air compressor will be shut down.
2. When there is a gas tank, even if the air compressor stops you still can still use compressed air, because the gas tank has been stored in the compressed air. Air compressor frequent start, the motor starting current is very large, the general start current is about 5 times the normal working current, then the energy consumption is also relatively large.
Air compressor open and stop the process, the air compressor in the empty state, if this process is relatively long, a lot of waste of energy, equipped with air tank air system, air compressor can be stopped under stable pressure , Both to ensure the continuity of work, but also the machine will not be due to unnecessary idle and waste energy.
3. How much better is the air tank of the air compressor? For example, your air compressor displacement is 2 cubic, if you use the gas is relatively large, then buy a 2 cubic cylinder, then within 1 minute your tank can be installed Full and meet the rated pressure. Assuming your gas is not enough, you can also buy a 10 cubic gas tank, then within 5 minutes the tank can be filled, according to your different production needs and gas consumption to decide how much gas tank.
Gas tank for air compressor, it is like a bow and arrows. Are generally complementary to each other. Gas tank as a necessary kind of air compressor follow-up equipment, the general customers in the purchase of air compressor equipment has been purchased together.

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