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Dryer equipment, cold dryer and adsorption dryer difference?

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The advantages and disadvantages of cold and dry machine

A, no compressed air consumption, most users of the compressed air dew point requirements are not very high, the use of cold and dry than the use of adsorption dryer to save energy;
B, do not need to regularly add, replace the adsorbent;
C, running low noise; suction machine adsorption tower pressure relief in the air room, generally do not hear the operation of the cold and dry machine noise;
D, no valve wear;
E, daily maintenance is relatively simple, as long as the cleaning on time automatic drainage filter can be;
F, on the gas source of the pre-processing and supporting air compressor no special requirements, the general oil-water separator to meet the cold and dry air quality requirements;
G, cold and dry on the exhaust "self-cleaning" effect, that is, the amount of solid impurities in the exhaust gas less;
H, in the discharge of condensate at the same time, part of the oil vapor can condense into liquid oil mist with condensate discharge.
The effective supply capacity of the cold and dry machine can reach 100%. However, due to the working principle, the dew point of the refrigerated dryer can only reach about 3 ℃ (pressure dew point), and it is affected by the inlet temperature Large, the intake air temperature increased by 5 ℃, the cooling efficiency will drop 30%, the gas supply dew point will be significantly increased by the ambient temperature greatly affected.

Advantages and disadvantages of Adsorption dryer

A, compressed air dew point can reach -70 ℃;
B, free from ambient temperature;
C, filter effect and filter impurities.
A, compressed air consumption 6%;
B, need to regularly add, replace the adsorbent;

C, running noise 65 dB.

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