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The corresponding air compressor is oil, oil, oil leakage, the treatment method is like this, you know?

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Screw oil leakage phenomenon - oil leakage

The reason for oil leakage is very simple, usually the connection is not close, under certain pressure will be in the weak links of subtle leakage. If found in time, maintenance in place, will not appear to play the fault. But if the oil leakage time is long, will lead to disaster.

Troubleshooting method

In the case of oil leakage, the reason is that if the equipment is not caused by more complex factors, but only due to the connection part of the loose or tightening or pressure increases and other factors may be in the shutdown state, the connection parts fastening that can.

Screw machine oil leakage phenomenon - drip

Dripping phenomenon occurs, it is not easy to be found in time, drip phenomenon is generally not connected to the site or increase the pressure caused by the increase.

Troubleshooting method

In the case of drip, the treatment and oil leakage is basically the same, you can refer to the treatment of oil leakage method. However, if there are deep-seated reasons, must be based on deep-seated reasons to remove the hidden trouble and then deal with.

Screw machine oil leakage phenomenon - oil spill

Speaking of fuel injection, the reason for this failure is the screw air compressor oil cooler blockage, oil cooler plug is a common air compressor compressor failure, the main reason is that the circulatory system contains impurities, the oil cooler fine Brass blocked, so that oil can not pass through the oil cooler, which appears this phenomenon.

Troubleshooting method

To deal with this failure, the main means is to clear the oil cooler. The method is to first remove the oil cooler core, put in the iron tank, the water filled, the water into the cleaning agent, soaking, and then remove the cooler core, with a soft copper wire will cooler core In the scale of a one of the dredge open.

In short, the screw air compressor oil spill is a common fault, the air compressor has a certain harm, should arouse our attention. Do routine inspection at the same time, but also do regular maintenance and maintenance, and at the same time to clear the cooler core, and spare parts to do spare parts to ensure the normal operation of the screw air compressor.

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