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Compressor equipment procurement "three vibe" and "four ratio"!

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One, three bogey
1, bogey "cheap" compressor equipment are mechanized equipment, the cost is certain, so, both at home and abroad or large enterprises, small businesses, it is almost impossible to sell low-cost compressor, if the lower the price pressure, Then the choice of equipment in the compressor parts and components will be worse, because the enterprise is impossible to make their own loss. "Do not sell the fine" ignorant of the price chart is cheap, the ultimate interests of the damage or their own.
2, bogey "first talk about the price, and then set the function" a lot of business procurement staff, like to talk about the price, that their task is to use low-cost to buy back the product, cost savings, but the cart before the horse. Our business, the purpose of buying compressors is to enhance the hard power of enterprises, so we must be the first function of the compressor to know, it is not suitable for business development needs. Moreover, the full understanding of the function of the parts, only to set the price, and finally with the manufacturers negotiations, the heart only at the end. Therefore, the procurement of compressor equipment, we must first fully understand the various aspects of equipment, talk about the price.
3, bogey "from the end" at home and abroad different compressor suppliers to provide the product, the product price, function, etc. are different. When we purchase compressors, we should fully understand the product of each supplier, rather than in a supplier of products selected. As much as possible with similar suppliers in-depth technical exchanges, to understand and master the advantages and disadvantages of different suppliers, especially the equipment and equipment level and unique. Make full use of the uniqueness of the supplier, create the uncertainty of the choice of equipment, thereby increasing the competition between suppliers, and ultimately through this competition to purchase the equipment you expect performance, pay you think the relative reasonable price , So as to achieve the purpose of the most cost-effective. Two or four
1, than the same equipment are PLC control, are also man-machine interface operation, but the control of the points and the way a great difference between the reliability of equipment operation, security, stability and accuracy, sensitivity will be qualitative difference, of course Equipment manufacturing costs and prices are different.
2, than the function you most want to achieve what the function of the equipment, the function of the primary and secondary, which suppliers to provide the most suitable for your function of the equipment requirements, that is, compare equipment suppliers "compliance." The higher the degree of compliance, indicating that you buy the most you want to buy the product. Function is not the more the better, but the more the actual use of the better requirements.
3, than the after-sales air compressor and other mechanical after-sales service is very important, the compressor failure rate, downtime and maintenance of the timely impact on the enterprise product market supply and reputation, a direct impact on product manufacturing costs and The economic benefits of enterprises, so the procurement of domestic and foreign equipment can not ignore the impact of after-sales service on the operation of the equipment, as much as possible to choose a good service after-sales service providers.

4, than the operating costs of the operating costs, including: energy consumption (water, electricity, oil, etc.), the number of operators and quality requirements, spare parts and wearing parts of the price and replacement frequency, after-sales service engineers, Age and depreciation rate. Esther reminds our business to purchase friends, in the procurement of compressor equipment, we must be clear their own purpose, to the purpose of the procurement, rather than follow the trend, blindly seeking low-priced products. So buy the product of the production of enterprises can not play any role, but increased the burden on enterprises.

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